ELEVATE | Artwork by Mimi Kvinge
ELEVATE | Artwork by Mimi Kvinge

ELEVATE | Artwork by Mimi Kvinge

UPDATE w/photo galleries: On Friday June 3rd, evo welcomed Seattle artist Mimi Kvinge and her art show titled, ELEVATE to its Seattle store. Friends new and old stopped by to appreciate all the new art projects which Mimi had basically been working on nonstop for the past few months as well as some of her classic pieces which helped earn her a solid fan base. If you weren’t able to catch the opening event don’t sweat it, ELEVATE will be on display in the gallery until the July 1st and all items will be on display. Photos of work available are below. Prints, phone skins and other items featuring her work are available at www.mimikvinge.com 

ELEVATE is a collection of pieces that boosts the saturation of life and heightens perception. Mountains under galaxies and animals soaked in color are meant to mirror the overwhelming and powerful sensation of standing under the stars or looking out from a mountain summit. Through watercolor photorealism and fantastical acrylics, Mimi’s ELEVATE pushes your imagination and stimulates your senses. Open your mind and get high on life with ELEVATE.

Mimi Kvinge is a self-taught artist based out of Seattle, WA. Mimi grew up drawing and painting as a hobby, but it wasn’t until the age of 24 that she began pursuing it professionally. Within a year of sharing her work with friends, Mimi was able to transition to a full-time career as an artist and it was only up from there. Using her lack of classical training to her advantage, Mimi enjoys mixing mediums and styles. As an avid outdoorswoman, her work explores the beauty of the natural world, depicting vibrant mountainscapes and colorful animals. While much of Mimi’s current work is acrylic and watercolor, her first love was black and white illustration.

Here is a mural piece Mimi recently completed in the office of Reese Films.


What:  Opening night of ELEVATE solo art show by Mimi Kvinge as part of the Fremont First Friday Artwalk

When: Friday June 3rd 6-9pm

Where: evo 3500 Stone Way N Seattle, WA 98103

Extras: Refreshements from Rainier Beer and music by DJ Sean Cee

Invite your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/1043980222349495/