Now Available at evo: Intense Cycles
Now Available at evo: Intense Cycles

Now Available at evo: Intense Cycles

“I am Intense. I do not apologize. I push the limits of myself and those around me. The dirt in my face and the bitter chill of speed are my drugs of choice and I indulge whenever possible. Every once in a while, we need to be reminded that we’re alive, and I am alive. The thrill is the finish and although I plan to get there first, I’m taking you with me. I will live my life exceptionally and make every moment possible an Intense Experience.” – Intense Cycles

Founded in the early 90’s by Jeff Steber, Intense Cycles initially set themselves apart from the rest of the biking industry by personally designing and building each bike that they produced in their own factory in Temecula, California. As frame material evolved, Intense too evolved, shifting from most of their custom handmade aluminum frames to beautiful carbon fiber based bikes.

Intense Cycles is known for pushing boundaries (whether on or off the track) and building bikes that evoke an emotional response – which makes them an ideal fit for evo and why we couldn’t be more thrilled to have joined forces with Intense to offer our bike enthusiasts these unique, high-quality products and further expand our growing bike assortment here at evo.

Now available at evo are two incredibly fun and versatile bikes from Intense Cycles – the All Mountain/Enduro Tracer 275C, and the Trail Spider 275C.

The Tracer 275C


See The Tracer 275c

The Tracer 275C, “2015 Mountain Bike of the Year,” is ideal for All Mountain/Enduro but has downhill performance coursing through it’s cables. With 140-160 mm adjustable travel the Tracer is a no frills all mountain destroyer built to handle whatever you can throw at it. It’s the quintessential “one bike” that any rider can add to the stable and draw for any situation. It boasts keen downhill prowess yet has the pedaling efficiency of most cross country bikes. It works equally well on the trail or in park and absolutely shines when pointed downhill.

“It’s not often that I have absolutely no complaints about a mountain bike, but the Tracer is one of those rare rigs. I can’t believe that such a bike exists that climbs and descends as well as the Tracer!” – Singletracks, Greg Heil – See Full Review

The Spider 275C


See The Spider 275c

The Spider 275C is a bike designed to be a playful and responsive all mountain ripper. With slightly less travel than the Tracer and designed more for the XC riders as an all-day bike, the Spider has a lively, nimble feel that allows the rider to really feel the trail. It’s designed for the everyday rider who wants to have fun on trail while maintaining pedaling efficiency all over the hill.

“Light enough to be raced cross-country, yet capable enough to tackle seriously technical trails. Intense just popped out the proverbial unicorn. If you are looking for an all-mountain or enduro bike that will consistently save your bacon, you should opt for something with a bit more travel. As an all purpose trail bike, however, this thing is way more fun than it has a right to be.” – Pinkbike, Vernon Felton – See Full Review

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