Top Places to Ski and Bike in the Same Day
Top Places to Ski and Bike in the Same Day

Top Places to Ski and Bike in the Same Day

Will Eginton, Seattle, WA: Can you feel it? The days are getting longer, the temperatures are climbing, and here in the Pacific Northwest, summer is just around the corner. The skis might have their summer coat of wax, and your focus might have shifted into re-building that sweet trail bike you bought last year (or maybe you need a new one?), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of snow sliding ripe for the taking. Across the Mountain West – from Montana to Oregon and everywhere in between – there are ample opportunities to combine those two activities you love most into a single day of feel-good adventuring. Feed the beast, tune in, and tick off some of our favorite locations for multi-sport days.

Mount Hood, OR – Year Round

The towering Volcano that is Mt. Hood is widely known as the place to be for late spring and summer skiing. From introductory ski mountaineering routes to the peak, to expansive lift served terrain and the best public summer terrain park, Mt. Hood offers unparalleled summer ski opportunities. Timberline lodge ski area is open all summer long. But in the last decade or so, Mt. Hood is becoming a hotspot for mountain biking, as well. From tacky trail riding at Sandy Ridge to lift serve downhill at Mt. Hood Skibowl, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better location to crank out some vert on your skis and on two wheels in the same day. And if shuttling laps is more your flavor, drop down into Hood River and put in some laps in the town trail system and wrap up your day at Double Mountain Brewery for some carefully crafted beer and gourmet pizza.

Whitefish, Montana – Spring to Early Summer

The pastoral, remote town of Whitefish, Montana, is awash with tourists hoping to explore one of the most beautiful National Parks in the nation during the summer months. While many of these plucky tourists rarely leave their cars, ski opportunities abound throughout the many peaks of those jagged, steep peaks; just ask Adrian Dingle. Down the road at Whitefish Mountain Resort there is an extensive network of lift-served trails, as well as the local haunts at Pig Farm Trails and Spencer Mountain.

Logan Pass

Whistler/Squamish, BC – Year Round

The Sea to Sky Corridor is a ski and mountain biking mecca, attracting millions of visitors each year. The Whistler bike park opened on May 20, and the many backcountry skiing options of the Coast Range offer the perfect biking back-drop. If singletrack and trail rides are more your style, don’t fret. There are hundreds of trails to choose from in both Squamish and Whistler. Enjoy a morning ski tour or a hut trip into Garibaldi, or participate in the spring and summer ski camps on the Blackcomb Glacier, followed by some rips through the park or down your favorite trail!

Juliana Team Riders in Whistler

Bozeman, Montana – Spring to Early Summer

30 miles north of Bozeman in the Northern Bridgers sits Naya Nuki Peak: a jagged, north-facing limestone block that rises almost directly out of Fairy Lake. Along the north face of this peak sits a beautiful, aesthetic ski line known affectionately as The Great One that holds snow well into July on average years. Boot up the 2000 vert line, ski the fall line to the lake (or snowline, depending), ditch your skis, and pedal out on The Shafthouse Trail. A local favorite for trail riding, The Shafthouse Trail departs from the same parking lot as the Naya Nuki Trailhead and is widely known as one of the best rides in the Northern Bridgers. But don’t think of the Bridgers as a one track biking destination; From the Bangtails to the steep, technical out-and-backs on the western slopes of the Bridgers, Bozeman is undoubtedly a hotspot for enduro-style aggressive trail riding.

The Great One

Stanley, ID – Spring to Early Summer

Just north of the quiet and surprisingly cosmopolitan Sun Valley lies a hidden gem of the Sawtooths: Stanley, Idaho. With unparalleled access to the surprisingly remote mountain range, Stanley is home to some amazing mountain biking trails. And during the spring melt, you’ll be able to reach further into those pesky forest service roads to access some top notch backcountry ski lines tucked into the granite spires of the Sawtooths –  like the North Couloir of McGowan Peak. And just like any true day of adventure in Northern Idaho, you can end your day at one of the many natural hot springs littered throughout the area.

Mount Rainier, WA – Year Round

As the largest glacial mass in the lower 48, Mt. Rainier provides ample snow riding opportunities almost year round. Ski the nearby Tatoosh Range, take a leisurely tour up to Camp Muir, or go for a summit bid – the choice is yours. From there, hitch a ride back down Highway 410 and give Suntop Mountain Trail a go. This 22 mile loop (you can also shuttle to the top) provides stellar views of Rainier and a fast, flowy descent. For a multi-sport effort of grander proportions, enter Mt. Rainier National Park from the east and bike up the White River Road until you hit snow, swap to your touring rig of choice, and tour up the Inter Glacier to Steamboat Prow and beyond.

Ski and Bike Mt. Rainier

Bend, OR – Spring to Early Summer

No multi-day sporting list could be complete without including the biking, skiing, and beer mecca that is Bend, Oregon. With Mt. Bachelor spinning lifts well into May, ample backcountry opportunities available with the big volcanic peaks and sub-peaks, and a litany of trail riding options for all riding styles and abilities, Bend is a no-brainer for the multi-sport shredheads within us all. Best of all? You can hop on the bus in downtown Bend, rip the resort from 8 to 2 pm, and bike tacky flow trails all the way down to Goodlife Brewery for a snack and a pint (or three).