10 of our favorite mountain bike Instagram accounts
10 of our favorite mountain bike Instagram accounts

10 of our favorite mountain bike Instagram accounts

By: Asa Redfield, Seattle, WA: We’ve all fallen victim to the comforts of the couch, but one fortunate thing about our modern day tendency to stare at our phones is that we usually find ourselves thumbing through social feeds where — if we follow the right people — we can find inspiration to get out there, ride the ol’ two-wheeler, and make some memories with friends. Here are 10 of our favorite mountain bike Instagram accounts that’ll undoubtedly stimulate your senses and help liberate you from couch-lock.

@parisgore: Hailing from Bellingham, WA, Paris is both a rider and a photographer. A true master of light, he documents both the characters and culture of mountain biking in a distinctly recognizable fashion.

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@joeyschusler: Schusler is an animal of an athlete AND a talented filmmaker/photographer who does an incredible job of documenting his adventures; whether on location for Yeti Cycles, ski mountaineering, or pioneering a multi-sport trek for National Geographic.

#FlashesOfTheAltai, a short film from when @mason_lacy, @sam_seward & myself went on a wild bikepack to packraft adventure in Mongolia last summer, premiers tonight at @5pointfilm! Excited to finally share this piece. The film will be online early June along side a @bikemag print feature that dives deeper into the story about our time there. Photo by: @mason_lacy

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@micaylagatto: Micayla is one of those rare individuals we all envy — both incredibly athletic AND artistically gifted. Her personality, beauty and adventure-driven lifestyle are all reflected in her Instagram gallery.

Gettin zesty on the edge of a volcano 🙌🙋🏼🤗 📷 @geoffgulevich

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@larsnbars: Lars is a goofball but, man, is this guy a talented rider! (Which might explain why he’s on the Transition Bikes team…) His candid and humorous posts remind us that off the bike, pros really aren’t all that different than us average joes — an unusual but refreshing reminder in the Age of Social Media.

It’s Quad week! Are you stoked? I suppose this might also qualify for torquedouttuesday. @krunk_shox getting handy with the 📹. Crew was on Fleek. @kelendh, but missing our boy Marv @shredder_marvin @hellaclips

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@matthewslavenAs a dominant rider on the enduro circuit, Slaven represents Devinci Cycles. Dwelling in Portland, OR, his Instagram feed reflects some of our favorite local trails and depicts the PNW lifestyle that we all strive to have.

Short new shredit over on PB that’s part of a longer documentary version I filmed with @cinemamarquez and @milesfarley Link is in my bio. Photo // @milesfarley @dakine @bellbikehelmets @smithoptics #loamtoyourdome #hipsterwoodsmanbeard

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@brynatkinson: Hailing from the land of dry and dusty Oz, Bryn has an aggressive berm shaking, “tire knobs ripped off” style. He’s made his home in the United States’ upper left and his short videos and imagery reminds us that it’s really all about, getting out and riding with your mates.

Srarom.. My fave // #hopcuttie 📹: @jillkintner

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@jillkintner: Bryn’s better half. Jill has multiple National Championships in both downhill and dual slalom, a BMX Olympic Medal, and Queen of Crankworx to her name… No matter what type of biking it is, Jill absolutely kills it! She’s a talented artist, an amazing trail steward and a role model for women of all ages.

Getting amongst it … #parkrat #bikepark @sombriocartel 📷😎

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@ian_morrisonAs a Whistler native, Ian’s account often serves as our visual portal to the mountain biking (and skiing) mecca.

“Whips don’t lie” -Someone 📷: Sterling Lorence @eyeroam @anthillfilms

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@svenmartinphoto: Son of a South African landscape and Savannah photog, Sven was never too far from the lens. His true first love was skateboarding however. After moving to the United States to pursue a pro skate career Sven found himself behind the lens again rather than in front of it and then found mountain biking through his wife his wife Anka. The two relocated to New Zealand for the abundance of year round riding and together operate @housemartin a NZ guide operation when they’re not traveling the globe for races. Sven is one of the most hard working photogs often with three, even four cameras around his neck at a race and is known particularly for his phenomenal pan shots.

Headed to #AndesPacifico in a week for some more #antigrip action @ballersays | Chile | #panshotfriday | #doyouevenspeedtuckbro

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@festseriesA collective of core builders and audacious dudes, these guys create some of the burliest backwoods tracks you’ve ever seen. Their feed is a combination of jaw dropping mini edits, trail building shenanigans, pancaked senders, and camaraderie. “By the Riders, For the Riders,” don’t miss out!

Huge OJ ! Motos and mountain bikes ride together ! #CruzFest #festseries #swanpound @samreynolds26 @andreulacondeguy

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