Making New Waves: Testing the Cobalt R5 Surf Boat
Making New Waves: Testing the Cobalt R5 Surf Boat

Making New Waves: Testing the Cobalt R5 Surf Boat

Wakesurfing is exploding in popularity due to its relative lack of consequence, social nature, and super quick progression. With this surge in popularity we are seeing a huge influx of new boards, boats, and equipment. Needless to say when Seattle Boat Co. invited us to come test this new category of boat we were super excited!

Seattle boat's Will Menzies giving Christina some last minute tips before she hits the water for her set!

The Boat: The Cobalt R5 Surf represents a whole new class of boats. Traditionally, stern drive boats have been a no-go when it comes to safe wakesurfing, but with the introduction of Volvo’s revolutionary new Forward Drive System, the propellers are placed in front of the outdrive. With this new design, the props are well under the hull, creating a boat that performs like a stern drive with the surfability of a wake boat! The Cobalt R5 Surf comes fully equipped with three factory ballast tanks, Zero Off GPS speed control, and two massive trim tabs.

Before testing this boat we had heard mixed reviews, but after spending a day on the water we were pleasantly surprised. The wave had decent push, a mellow ramp, and a very forgiving feel. Other features include Cobalt’s patent pending Wave Control System which allows the driver to shift the wave from one side to the other with the push of a button as well as fine tune wake steepness and length. Adding additional ballast would do a lot to help increase steepness and length as well.


The Board: The Liquid Force TC Skim is a long standing board in LF’s line for good reason! It has a double winged tail complete with molded in channels and a larger than normal skim fin set up. The board is very fast down the line helping riders stay with the wave. The larger fin offers just a little bit more traction than your average skim, making this a truly versatile cross over board. Bottom line, it’ll break loose when you want it to and hook up and help you generate speed at all the right times!

Liquid Force TC Skim

The Verdict: Wakesurfing is fun on any boat outfitted for it! Cobalt is a brand that is synonymous with luxury, and their new surf-specific boat is no different. This boat is ideal for people who value the performance and comfort of a stern drive just a little bit more than wakesurfing, but still want to be able to surf safely when the opportunity arises.

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