Now Available at evo: DB Longboards
Now Available at evo: DB Longboards

Now Available at evo: DB Longboards


A homegrown manufacturer from the great Pacific Northwest, DB Longboards is known worldwide for their industry leading quality and progressive deck design capabilities. Founded in 2003, DB has continued to carve out a niche in the world of longboarding by bringing to life some of the most innovative and distinctive decks around.

The DB team is a dedicated contingent of board riders with a passion for human powered mobility. Inspired by the Northwest’s endless landscape of rideable terrain, they continue to chase their founding ideal; pursuing adventure and riding the best longboards possible.

Now available at evo is the CoreFlex Compound, the Contra and the Urban Native.

The CoreFlex Compound

Db Longboard CoreFlex Compound

The CoreFlex Compound is a revolutionary composite deck featuring our new CoreFlex Technology construction. Designed for freestyle riding and fluid carving, the Compound utilizes a cambered bamboo core sandwiched between fiberglass and high density plastic to provide the perfect flex pattern. Shock-absorbing Urethane Blast Tips are laminated into the deck to protect the kicktails from significant impact damage. This deck is available in three different flexes to offer something for every rider. If you enjoy a flexible and responsive ride the CoreFlex Compound is not to be missed!

Length: 42″
Width: 9″
Wheelbase: 30″
Standing Platform: 24″
Camber: 1.25″
Concave Design: Mellow continuous
Construction: Bamboo, Fiberglass, HD Plastic, Urethane


The Contra 35.5”

DB Longboards Contra

“Contra” is the root of opposition and contrast. A literal dichotomy of ideas. The Contra Deck is a comfy blend of Tub and W concave, creating a versatile standing platform that is great for slaying downhills or a mellow Freeride.

Length: 35.5″
Width: 9.5″
Wheelbase: 27″ to 28″
Standing Platform: 21.5″
Drop: 1.125″,
Concave: 0.5″
Concave Design: Progressive tub with “W”
Construction: 8 ply maple


The Urban Native 40”


Db Longboards Urban Native

The Urban Native is their light weight versatile cruiser longboard. The cambered platform delivers great flex and is a dream to cruise on. Drop through mounting lowers the riding platform making it a great board for pushing or the ultimate campus cruiser.

Length: 40″
Width: 9.15″
Wheelbase: 29.5″
Standing Platform: 25″
Camber: 0.5″
Concave Design: Mellow continuous
Construction: 8 ply maple