RVCA and Street Artist DMOTE Take Over the Southwall Mural
RVCA and Street Artist DMOTE Take Over the Southwall Mural

RVCA and Street Artist DMOTE Take Over the Southwall Mural

Earlier this month Costa Mesa based clothing and lifestyle brand, RVCA partnered with us to bring influential street artist, DMOTE to Seattle for a special art exhibit and new mural installation to walls of evo’s Seattle flagship store. At 25ft tall and 70ft long, the mural was completed in roughly 20hrs. Check out the photos and video capturing the installation below.

DMOTE is a New York-based artist hailing from Sydney, Australia, where there is no denying his influence on the global underground scene. You mention graffiti in Australia, people say DMOTE. Spearheading the Australian graffiti scene since the early nineties, DMOTE has accomplished a phenomenal plethora of work and now, transcending into a fine arts focused phase of his career, is bridging the gap between his roots in street, painting and culture sensitive approach to commercial work. DMOTE’s style derives from his youth and life experiences while his inspiration comes from the streets and graffiti. His paintings are a natural progression from a misspent youth to a new found maturity. His artistic ability lends itself to allow him to act as a designer, illustrator, painter and curator in addition to a graffiti artist.

The RVCA Artist Network Program, commonly referred to as ANP, is an ongoing program which aims to showcase, the talent of accomplished as well as unknown artists who inspire our generation and push the boundaries of creativity; providing something of substance and culture.


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