Trip Review: Skiing in Myoko with evoTrip Japan
Trip Review: Skiing in Myoko with evoTrip Japan

Trip Review: Skiing in Myoko with evoTrip Japan

Jack Orsi, the lucky winner of a spot on our evoTrip Myoko last year, shares his experience skiing in Japan on glorious powder days and soaking up Japanese culture.

I was sitting at home and saw this contest with evo pop up on Facebook – write the best haiku and win a free evoTrip to Myoko, Japan and ski with LINE Skis athlete Eric Pollard. I never enter these types of things because it seems like no one ever actually wins them. But this one was too rad to pass up! So I channeled my inner Japanese poet and wrote the greatest 17 syllables I could:

Dreaming of Japow

Awaken to a Sick Day

After the Sky Falls

Skiing in Japan

Two weeks later, I found out I was a semi-finalist. I couldn’t believe it – I hadn’t written a haiku since 7th grade and actually had to do some research to remember what a haiku was. It’s a traditional Japanese poem with three lines, each with five, seven, and five syllables respectively. The process was a cool introduction to Japanese culture and definitely had me dreaming about skiing in Myoko! I wasn’t sure if it was real when I found out I won. My home mountain in Aspen had just gotten three feet of snow, but I didn’t waste any time packing my bags for Japan.

When I met up with the full crew, the group was so chill. They were all great people that were down for whatever which was such a great surprise having all come from different backgrounds. The pow was a uniting force, for sure. The trip was so well put together. There was enough structure, but also enough freedom to build super rad experiences as you go. There was no stress in any part of the trip. I’ve done some backpacking trips but this was a million times easier since evo had everything dialed for us.

Photo: @jackorsi2 on Instagram

It snowed like I’d never seen before in my life! One of the highlights was riding with pro-skiers Eric Pollard and Jeff Wright. It was super fun to ride the skin track and watch the way Jeff and Eric went after their shots. It’s something that I never would have been able to do before the trip, but can’t wait to do again.

Outside of the powder my favorite thing about Myoko was the people. They were all looking for new experiences and it was so inspiring to be surrounded by that energy. Myoko in general is a laid-back, small Japanese town. Dinners were crazy gourmet, but in tiny little places. It felt like you were in someone’s home.

Photo: @jackorsi2 on Instagram Photo: @jackorsi2 on Instagram

It was so great having the access to LINE Skis and their athletes for the week. I loved being able to demo the Line Pescado Skis while I was on the trip. They were such a fun ski that was totally different than what I was used to. It was SO cool to talk to Eric, Ryan, and Josh about the process of putting skis together. We talked about why they did the swallow tail, why they choose shapes and what they bring to the ride of the ski.

I had a couple of favorite days including riding at Akakura Kanko – we got above the clouds and we could see the ocean. There was fresh snow up above and it was out of this world. Then when we skied at Seki, they got so much snow – free refills all day long. Five inches of fresh snow after each ride up meant face shots all day long. It was just unreal.

Photo: @jackorsi2 on Instagram Photo: @jackorsi2 on Instagram

When you live in a ski town, you tell your friends that you’re going to Japan and no one believes you. Everyone starts hyping you up for an epic experience. I can say it met all of my expectations and more. The different culture is so crazy and amazing to experience.  Every other store or arcade in Tokyo has bright advertising, cartoon characters are all over the train station, people playing Dance Dance Revolution everywhere…  But despite the culture being so different, skiing wasn’t different once you hit the hill. That’s the amazing thing about skiing.

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