What The Pros Pack: evoTrip Chile – Featuring Matthew Slaven
What The Pros Pack: evoTrip Chile – Featuring Matthew Slaven

What The Pros Pack: evoTrip Chile – Featuring Matthew Slaven

Are you ready for an international bike trip? Do you know what to pack? With our mountain biking trip to Chile right around the corner we wanted to give you a closer look at what to consider when packing for your international bike trip. Even better – we got the chance to sit down with Devinci Bikes and evoCollective team rider, Matthew Slaven, to pick his brain on what bike gear he’s considering and how he’s packing for evoTrip Chile.

Bike Selection, Packing & Shipping:

1. What bike will you be bringing on evoTrip Chile?

I’ll be bringing a Devinci Troy or my Devinci Spartan….or maybe something new!? Both are true all around mountain bikes that pedal great uphill and descend even better.

2. How do you usually pack your mountain bike when traveling internationally?

In most cases I usually pack my bike pretty quickly, however, when traveling on evoTrip Chile I will spend some extra time and make sure to use a solid bike travel bag as well as foam packing material for added bike protection during shipping. Each mountain bike bag is different but overall bike bags make life pretty easy for packing a mountain bike these days.

3. Any pro-tips or tricks to bike packing that you can share?

Yes! Be sure to let the air out of your shocks, take your derailleur off and keep your bike bag under the weight limit. Also, I put a piece of pipe in place of the wheels and tighten the axle to keep them in place. This keeps your fork and rear end of your frame from getting crushed by the airlines. Puting cardboard in between your brake pads is another pro-tip to keep them from getting pulled together during the long flight.

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Bike Maintenance, Tools & Parts:

4. What are the essential maintenance tools that you will pack?

I”ll be bringing a good multi tool with a 8mm allen wrench to put my bike back together and put in my pack. Tire sealant is a must with tubeless tires and a good pump will come in handy as well. I don’t usually bring too many extra tools that aren’t in my pack. Sometimes I bring a bleed kit if we are in the middle of nowhere.

5. What about spare bike parts? Do you pack multiples just in-case?

I do usually bring a spare derailleur, at least 2 spare tubes, brake pads, a spare tire, and an extra derailleur hanger. In general I’d recommend being over prepared versus under prepared.

6. What type of tires are you going to run for evoTrip Chile?

I love tires! That will be a hard choice but I’m sure they will be something heavy duty with big knobs so I can shred carefree. It would be sweet if I could run SPIKES!

7. Backpack or fanny pack when riding? What are you going to rock on evoTrip Chile?

I will bring both because the fanny will just fit inside my pack, but I’m guessing I will have my pack for most of the riding adventures in Chile….the more room for snacks the better.

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Gear, Apparel & Protection:

8. Weather can be all over the place – what mountain biking gear are you going to pack for evoTrip Chile?

I’m lucky enough to have plenty of great riding gear that is light and doesn’t take up much room. Some essentials would be a pack-able rain jacket, light wind breaker, wool base layer, light wool hat, warm gloves, riding gloves, wool socks, baggy riding shorts, long sleeve and short sleeve jersey, and my favorite Tech Tee. I also plan to bring a pair of goggles and a pair of riding glasses with changeable lenses. Oh, and my favorite shades of course.

9. How about mountain biking shoes, do you usually pack one pair or multiple?

Mountain biking shoes can fit into small nooks and crannies and you can stuff clothing inside of them, so I usually will bring two pair and a spare pair of cleats if you are clipless.

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10. Based on your experience, what other advice do you have for riders traveling internationally?

These trips are really fun, and part of the fun is planning what to bring and getting ready for the trip. Take the time to research the area and have an idea what to expect so you can be as prepared as you can. But also, remember this is mountain biking and an adventure. So, be ready to go with the flow and have a good time no matter what. Less is more sometimes….right?


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