What The Pros Pack – Featuring Lars Sternberg
What The Pros Pack – Featuring Lars Sternberg

What The Pros Pack – Featuring Lars Sternberg

Have you ever broken down on the trail and not been properly prepared to fix a repair? Didn’t have the right tools or pack properly for the long ride? Yep, I’ve been there too. Most often these frustrating moments can easily be avoided with the proper planning.

Or maybe you’re just getting started mountain biking and want to learn what to pack on a mountain bike ride?  Either way, I got the chance to sit down with pro mountain biker & evo collective athlete, Lars Sternberg, to get a closer look at how he prepares for a mountain bike ride and what’s he’s packing along the way.

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1. When preparing to pack for a mountain bike ride what are your main considerations?

I evaluate the ride duration and location I’ll be heading. If it’s a short close ride I might just bring a multi-tool, Clifbar and a water bottle. If I’m heading out for 2 or more hours I’ll bring a bit more – tire pump, tube more food water etc. And if I’m going somewhere remote I’ll likely bring a small backpack, with a rain shell (Seasonal) all of the above and more food and some spare parts.

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2. Backpack, fanny pack or bike storage? Is there one you find yourself using most?

Under 2 hours I’ll usually just carry a water bottle in my frame, and a few small items listed above.
2-4 hours I’ll use a Swat vest where I can carry an extra water bottle, tire pump, tube, food, and anything else I might need. Beyond that I might bring my hip pack with additional food, and then a backpack if it’s a bigger ride than that. I prefer not to use a pack, as I don’t like the weight on my back. Especially in the summer, it tends to make you warmer than you’d be without.

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3. What are the absolute essentials that you’re always packing?

I ALWAYS rock a pair of Five Ten Mountain Bike Shoes and then carry some form of multi-tool, a Clifbar, Smith sunglasses and some water. Things I also keep in a pack for longer rides are – replacement bike tube, tire pump, knife, quick-link chain link, Gorilla tape, a few Zip Ties, a light rain shell, tire plugs, brake pads, spare derailleur hanger and Energy Gels which are very small but can help in an emergency bonk situation. In the winter I might bring an extra base layer and spare gloves.

4. What are some “nice to have” items but not always necessary?

Nice to have is relative. You can bring as much as you want as long as you’re willing to carry it. I usually evaluate what my ride will entail, and decide the lightest setup I can bring to be as prepared as possible.
However, if it’s an all-day situation where you are remote for the whole time I’ve brought a spare derailleur, beanie, a more competent rain jacket., sandwich, flashlight, knee and arm warmers etc. There’s nothing I hate more than being out in the wild and being too cold or being hungry without food.

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