Denver’s Premier Ski and Snowboard Service Shop
Denver’s Premier Ski and Snowboard Service Shop

Denver’s Premier Ski and Snowboard Service Shop

evo Denver is honored to open with the bike and ski shop service expertise of the Bicycle Dr. and Edgeworks under its roof. In operation since 1994, here is the story as told by Matt Hupperts, evo’s Service, Rental, and Demo Manager, and founder of Edgeworks and Bicycle Dr.

Thinking back to when I first started in the industry I would have to credit my mom. At that time, I was living in the Midwest and was mostly cross-country skiing. My mom went out looking for Christmas stocking stuffers for me. She went to a ski shop to buy some wax and being a talker, she told the shop owner about her son (me) who was always getting wax on her stove in the process of tuning his skis. He was amused, and asked her if I might want a job – and of course I did! I was 15 and the shop was a good 1/2 hour away.  For the next 6 months my  parents drove me to work.  It was their understanding of my interests that would start my career. Jump ahead 35 years and I have had a long ski, snowboard, and bicycle love affair.

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Cross-country and skate skiing drove a passion for wax.  I began snowboarding in 1981 just as boarding was taking grip on the industry.  At this point I had moved to Colorado and began a relationship with the fall line looking for steeps, Berthoud Pass (near Winter Park ski area), and learning how to conquer hidden stashes of deep powder lines.  I’m self-taught in both skiing and snowboarding.  Soon, shaped skis broke into the marketplace, pushing tuning and design into fast and playful new beginnings.  I have grown to love skiing in a way that one can’t live without.

The years I have in the ski and snowboard industry has introduced me to some of the best people in the world.  The chance to embrace it through the customers I meet everyday makes the service centers I have worked in some of the best.


Edgeworks and the Bicycle Doctor began as a service-centered shop, which at the time we felt was what Denver needed: a place that focused on listening to the needs of the customers and trying to give them the performance that they wanted for their abilities. Our vision was for a warm place that welcomed customers who wanted their skis and bikes tuned and maintained for maximum performance and enjoyment. As the shop grew and its customer base grew, it quickly became clear that many wanted to tune their skis and bikes themselves so we brought in a full line of waxing, tuning, and maintenance equipment and taught people that routine service could be easy and fun.

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Denver ski tuning

Our ski and board tuning service starts with a close look at your equipment when you bring it in. We’ll recommend a minor tune, an edge and wax, or a full tune up. We use the very best tuning equipment from Wintersteiger, rolling in new machines each year. We’ve been tuning skis and boards for more than 30 years and can tune yours exactly the way you want them – whether you are a competitive alpine racer or someone who hits the slopes once a year with your family. Tell us how you slide, and we will recommend the right tuning services customized to you.

If something is not performing the way you want, we take the time to listen to your needs and translate that into the proper steps to make your experience on the snow the best it can be. We are your location on the Front Range to get the tools you need to keep your equipment performing at its very best. We have a knowledgeable staff on hand to help you with any questions you might have.

Services We Provide


We assess your ability, expected conditions, and terrain and offer a tune with the appropriate base structure and edge bevel. We choose a specific structure on the base paired with the correct wax for the current temperatures. We perform manufacture-quality tunes designed to spec for each type of ski to duplicate what was intended for each type of ski. We understand the differences between the many kinds of base patterns; we understand how small differences in base and edge angle can radically change the way your equipment performs, and we can talk with knowledge and authority about fluorocarbons, colors, and temperatures of wax.

Denver ski base grind

Many of our tunes include P-tex work from minor scratches to large base gauges. We are craftsmen when it comes to repair of edge compressions, delamination, and replacing edge segments. We will always work with you on when is the right time for this repair or when it makes more sense to get new skis or a snowboard.

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Binding Calibration

We recommend having bindings calibrated and tested every 30-40 ski days to ensure they are working properly with the boots and the customer’s current ability as that evolves.


We mount bindings from all major brands of alpine, alpine touring, telemark, and cross country. We can repair pulled-out bindings and are even set up to do quiver killer mounts.

Denver ski binding mount

We are excited to combine an incredibly strong service department with the new opportunities evo will give our longtime customers, and we promise that we will continue to offer personal, honest, and expert service for all your bikes, boards, and skis. Stop by and check out our fleet of rental bikes, our selection of demo boards and skis, and our new shop located in the same building with the entrance now on 9th Avenue.

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