2017 Goggle Lens Technology
2017 Goggle Lens Technology

2017 Goggle Lens Technology

Light is a fickle beast on the mountain. You know the feeling – you think you’re charging straight into the Virgin Pow-District when you’re really entering the jurisdiction of Mogul Town. Or, maybe a camo’d death cookie in the landing sends you tumbling into the jerry-sphere. Goggle lens technology advancements are here to help.

What used to be an assumed risk of snowboarding or skiing, and an inherent limitation of pow-spectacle technology, the goggle industry has now turned into one of winter sport gear’s greatest success stories.

2017 is revealing loads of on-going lens technology efforts to clarify the snow before us, from bluebird to greybird, to full on blizzard. Potentially sparing us from a season-ending bail, these lenses will open your eyes to a world of enhanced vision and increased shred-ability.

Oakley Prizm

Coming off a powerful introduction last year, Oakley is rightfully continuing the Prizm™ tech legacy with several new lens color options. Based on decades of color science research, Prizm™ lenses take control of the light transmission jungle by balancing out the color spectrum for increased contrast and and range of visibility.

Smith ChromaPop™ Snow

This year, Smith’s celebrated ChromaPop™ lenses are available for the first time with goggles. Approaching the same issue from a different angle, Smith recognized that our eyes have difficulty distinguishing color where the blue/green and green/red wavelengths cross over. These crossovers cloud our depth perception and visibility. ChromaPop™ lens technology fixes this problem by cancelling out the crossover wavelengths. This greatly enhances our ability to distinguish the terrain, but it also improves the lens’ strength in differing weather conditions.

ChromaPop™ lenses comes in three different versions: Storm, Sun, and Everyday.

Dragon Transitions®

One lens to rule them all. Unlike lenses that filter light, Transitions® lenses physically adapt to light changes by changing tint. When a heavy storm front starts flexing on forecasted blue skies, you can laugh on the chairlift as the rest of the mountain retreats to their bags for a low-light lens. Why? Because your lens’ chameleon powers adapt on their own so your vision remains clear and defined. They’re calling them Transitions® lenses; we’re calling them…optical game-changers.

Spy Happy Lens™

The mountain is filled with stress inducing moments: morning traffic, inadequate parking, long lift lines and…short-wave blue light? Don’t fall prey to the stress and end up in the local paper for inappropriate behavior. Instead, keep your cool and your vibes alive with Spy’s Happy Lens™ technology. Here’s how it works: first, it improves contrast for increased depth perception in choppy terrain. Second, it eliminates UV and short-wave blue light. Only long-wave blue light is allowed through, which promotes balance, alertness and a positive mood.


Von Zipper – WildLife

Von Zipper knows how to party. Von Zipper also knows how to color correct your field of vision. With the release of the brand new WildLife goggle lens, it’s no shocker that these color-correcting optic shields comes in an ultra-stylish tint. Coming in both a regular and low-light version, WildLife lenses cover the entire gamut of weather conditions by cutting specific wavelengths in the spectral curve, eliminating UVA rays and infrared light. What does that mean for you? Basically when the clouds roll in, you don’t have to settle for sliding mild because with these lenses, you’ve got the sure sighted confidence to let loose and get wild!

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