Introducing: YETI Coolers
Introducing: YETI Coolers

Introducing: YETI Coolers

“YETI® Coolers: Born out of frustration and molded by experience”


If you don’t know, now you know — evo is a proud stockist of YETI Coolers!

Despite being founded just 10 years ago, YETI has swiftly established itself as major player in the cooler game, with its heritage-like feel that’s rooted in a passion for the outdoors and a built-to-last mantra. For all who’ve experienced the frustration of cracked handles, snapped latches, caved in cooler lids and lukewarm beers season after season, YETI offers a solution.

From the heavy-duty rubber latches, military-grade rope handles and literally bear-proof roto-molded construction of their hard sided Tundra® line; to the super burly, leak-proof HydroLok zippers and brawny DryHide™ shells of their soft-sided Hopper™ series. It’s apparent that YETI doesn’t subscribe to the throw-away, Bic Lighter era of American consumerism and frankly, that’s why we love ‘em.

Beyond sturdy manufacturing, these portable refrigerators are known to keep ice for days (some, even weeks!). Yeah, the rumors are true, and for outdoor enthusiasts, skiers, snowboarders, surfers, mountain bikers and #vanlife nomads alike, that means more time off the grid and ice-cold brewchachies well beyond the weekend!

When it comes down to it, coolers are a pivotal part of outdoor adventure. So for those of us who dream of far off places, multi-day missions, and bacon beyond the first morning, YETI Coolers enable us to get out, stay out, and live out the things we love. There’s no doubt these guys are making the coolest coolers in the game.

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