The Powell Movement
The Powell Movement

The Powell Movement

The Powell Movement is a new weekly podcast hosted by Mike Powell, a spin off from his hit show on Powder Magazine, “Sponsored”. In this series, Mike will be looking beyond just the ski industry. Listen each week as Mike Powell enters the mind of industry professionals and actions sports athletes to discover what makes them tick. Everyone has a story, so listen up as they tell us theirs to find out where they started, but most importantly, how they got here.

Episode 17 – Joe Ciaglia – Owner California Skateparks

On paper, Joe Ciaglia’s life sounds like a mob movie where the mobster, Joe, is bagging groceries at a store conveniently located across from the track.   He meets a couple older gentlemen who introduce him to the inside world of the track.  While learning the underbelly of the horse game, Joey starts winning city contracts for skate parks.   It’s an interesting rag to riches story that includes professional skateboarders (Rob Dyrdek), race horses, accusations of collusion and no mob ties that I know of.


Episode 17 – Tom Schaar – Skateboard Prodigy

Tom Schaar is your average 17-year-old…sometimes.  He goes to high school, likes to hang out with his brother and friends and gets in trouble with his parents for not doing his homework.  In his other life, he’s traveling the world, winning X Games gold and even finding time to buy himself an Audi.  While Tom can be the average kid on the personal level, there’s nothing average about what he brings to the table on the professional level.


Episode 16 – Mike Jaquet – Action Sport Visionary

At first glance, there’s nothing that screams “rad” about Mike Jaquet, but at points in his career he has been one of the most influential and visionary people in the world of action sports.  From founding FREEZE Magazine to directing sales and marketing at Transworld to VP of College Sports TV (and being bought by CBS) and his last paid employment, a 5 year run as CMO of The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association that ended 4/1, Mike has left positive legacies everywhere he’s been.


Episode 15 – Ian McIntosh – Big Mountain Skier

When it comes to Ian McIntosh, there’s no flair, tricks, or showmanship… what you see is what you get. He started skiing at age two, was digging pits in the back country at age 8 and sitting in guide meetings at 10. Ian was born into the mountain lifestyle and this self-described “redneck” is a powerful skier who is the epitome of what Tight Loose is all about.


Episode 14 – Kevin English – We Are Camp CEO

Kevin English went from a dream job managing athletes to a dream job managing campers, counselors, and it hasn’t been easy.  He’s lived through corporate layoffs, corporate selloffs and eventually the drama that comes along with purchasing a passion-based project with friends.  Listen up as Mike and Kevin talk about K2, Travis Parker, buying summer camp, merging with the competition and a lot more


Episode 13 – Peter Line – Snowboard Icon – Designer

Peter Line is the visionary snowboarding icon who helped start the “Rider Owned” movement in snowboarding.  When Peter wasn’t busy creating the best team of snowboarders in the history of the sport-The Forum 8- He was creating tricks, the Backside Rodeo, that would completely change the sport.  Still a player in the sport today, Peter now spends his time out of the spotlight, designing clothing for Dakine, board graphics and pursuing his other artistic passions.


Episode 12 – Doug Bishop – Newschoolers General Manager

Doug Bishop, the GM of is more than just a visionary in action sports.  He’s a passionate skier who is focused on building community while wearing his heart on his sleeve.  These days he finds himself behind a desk, selling the dream that is skiing in the digital world and creating a second home for skiers all over the world.  While he didn’t have a solid plan out of high school, Doug’s career blossomed into owning a piece and selling said piece of and rising to the position of GM.


Episode 11 – Jonny Moseley – Olympic Gold Medalist

Jonny Moseley was the competitor that brought “New School” skiing to the masses. While the changing of the guard was happening in skiing on an underground level via the New Canadian Airforce, Jonny took it mainstream, winning Olympic Gold. Outside of competitions, Jonny was a fixture in early ski movies and has remained an ambassador for the sport he loves. He dives deep into the details of what made Jonny Moseley successful.


Episode 10 – Anthony De Rocco – CEO Mervin Manufacturing

Anthony De Rocco has done all there is to do in the Snow Sports Industry.  From engineering, to sales and marketing to CEO.  The “work hard, play hard” philosophy has led Anthony to the peaks of many mountains,  the heart of China and now, the forefront of American Ski, Snowboard, Surf and Skate manufacturing.


Episode 9 – Leanne Pelosi – Professional Snowboarder and Filmmaker

Leanne Pelosi is known for putting her blood sweat and tears into any project she is a part of aside from working at Earl’s (A long time ago).  She’s been named Rookie of the Year, Rider of the Year and this year won the first-ever Influencer Award.  Leanne’s career and film project can be looked at as a vehicle for the progression of snowboarding and raising awareness for women, both past and present, who shred.


Episode 8 – Mo Sanders – Owner, Antik Skate Boots, Derby and Skate

From his professional inline skate days to when he was a featured character on TNN’s RollerJam series, Mo has made a career, in turbulent worlds, that only happen when you have the athletic ability that Mo has.  These days, Mo, also known as Quadzilla, is an entrepreneur and World Champion who globetrots the world getting skaters into shape.


Episode 7 – Chris Haffey – Pro Rollerblader – Nitro Circus

Chris Haffey is in a unique position, as a professional rollerblader he is few and far between and since the industry’s heyday back in the 90’s its a very limited space to exist within. Chris has found his way through the industry from being in the top of his class, when everything was booming, to finding a one of kind opportunity as a stunt man on Nitro Circus.


Episode 6 – Sherry McConkey – Founder Shane McConkey Foundation

Sherry McConkey is a tough women, her life story one of many adventures and mystery. Tune in this week as this South African raised, Tahoe local walks us through her amazing story with memories of her life with Shane McConkey, her father she never met and what its like to be running a foundation in the name of her late husband.


Episode 5 – Miles Daisher – Professional Base Jumper

Miles Daisher is an animal. He jumps off things. Very big things, and also likes to put on a squirrel suit to make himself fly further and more controlled. As part of the Red Bull Airforce Miles has a pension to be an entertainer, whether that be flying through deep open canyons or launching off a moving truck into a ravine, Miles loves it all. Listen today as he tells us a little about his adventures and the man behind the craziness.


Episode 4 – Jason Levinthal – Founder of Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, and J Skis

Jason Levinthal might be one of the most important people to modern day skiing as we know it. The invention of the twin tip ski literally set the pace for 20 years and counting of incredible growth to an industry that was, at the time, considered stagnant and boring. Tune in for an inside look on how the idea came to fruition and how a simple idea changed an entire industry and inspired a whole new generation of skiers.


Episode 3 – Tom Wallisch – Professional Skier

Tom Wallisch is one of the best skiers of his time. A magician on a pair of skis, he has dominated the scene everywhere from his street parts to the x-games and is likely one of the most well knows skiers alive right now.  Listen up this week as Tom and Mike discuss the inner workings of a man growing up in the ski spotlight.


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Episode 2 – Pat Bridges – Creative Director of Snowboarder Magazine

Pat Bridges is considered “The Eye” of snowboarding, he knows a standout rider when he sees one and has helped lead the way for the successful careers of many pro snowboarders. Listen this week as Pat discusses growing up on the East Coast snowboard scene and going from being a semi pro on the competition scene to full blown pro snowboard media director.


Episode 1 – Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones has been on a mission his entire life to do anything it takes to be a snowboarder, at the core of that is man dedicated to his trade and building an iconic brand. Jeremy is passionate about promoting climate change awareness, as something that deeply threatens his livelihood and will effect his children in the future Jeremy has been a strong advocate for policy change in the government surrounding this issue. Listen as Mike Powell talks to Jeremy about life and discover the man behind Jones Snowboards and the environmental advocacy group, Protect Our Winters.

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