2017/18 Snowboard Sneak Peek
2017/18 Snowboard Sneak Peek

2017/18 Snowboard Sneak Peek

When it comes to the upcoming fleet of sideways sliding weaponry, the surf is still up! While classic symmetrical boards remain the bulk of the offering, there are more directional carving and pow surfing options than ever before. Read on for a glimpse into the future with some of the most eye-catching shapes and designs. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous 2017/2018 snowboards:

Capita Spring Break

A mix of classic shapes with a few new eye-catching models make up the Spring Break line developed by Corey Smith and built in the Capita Mothership factory. These crazy shapes keep people guessing. What does it all mean? Just go have fun!


Lib Tech

Once again Lib Tech is bringing the heat, unveiling a bunch of intriguing new models. Of particular interest are an updated, lighter weight T.Rice and the all-new Double Dip. Founder Pete Saari described the all-new Double Dip as a “directional in both directions ambi stance creative pow jib, chute running carve stick…” We’re not 100% sure what that means, but it sounds rad!







Straight out of Mt. Weird! GNU always keeps things interesting. Asym shapes, carvers and directional chargers ensure there is something for everyone.





The team at Arbor consistently puts out some of the best looking boards in the game. Natural and exotic woodgrain paired with classic shapes make Arbor’s snowboards recognizable across the globe. Next year’s line is no different!



One of the most beloved snowboards in the Salomon lineup, the Sick Stick returns in 3 sizes, each with a slightly different tail shape and intended use for riders looking for a unique offering to match their riding style.

151, 157. 163. Each size has a different tail shape.


Nitro has been around a long time. They know snowboarding, and they know how to develop a rider driven line of snowboards. Over the last few years they let team riders Bryan Fox and Austin Smith take control of shaping and designing a line of quiver boards. It started with one and has now grown to seven unique shapes, all incredibly fun to ride.





The team at Yes. has been on the scene for a few years now, and they’ve definitely established themselves as an innovative brand that transcends snowboarding. Why say no when it feels so good to say Yes.?





New from the longstanding legends at K2, we introduce: The Simple Pleasures – a smooth, cleanly shaped directional board for soul riders who appreciate a clean carve on the groomers and the weightless float of untouched powder. The Happy Hour – a raw freestyle board with a true twin design and carbon band through the middle for powerful ‘pop’ and flatground creativity. And the Outline – an all-terrain board with a directional rocker profile for the gal who refuses to settle for just one facet of the mountain.




Pre-Orders Coming Soon!

Stay tuned as a wide assortment of 2017/2018 snowboard pre-orders will become available online at evo.com within the coming months.

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