A Giant Sighting in Our Bike Shop – Giant & Liv Mountain Bikes Now Available at evo
A Giant Sighting in Our Bike Shop – Giant & Liv Mountain Bikes Now Available at evo

A Giant Sighting in Our Bike Shop – Giant & Liv Mountain Bikes Now Available at evo

We’re proud to officially announce that evo now carries mountain bikes from Giant as well as its women’s-specific sister brand, Liv.

Renowned worldwide as one of the biggest bike manufacturers, Giant Bicycles has given birth to some of the industry’s most well known trail whips, with the likes of both the Reign and Trance. At first glance many see a humongous manufacturer, but, looking closer you’ll find a nearly 100% vertically integrated company that’s dedicated to bringing quality steeds to a wide spectrum of riders and abilities. Since their beginning in 1972, Giant founder King Liu has been curating a tightly supervised manufacturing process to provide affordable well-built products. From raw material mining to distribution, Giant is intricately involved and invested to ensure their bikes are simultaneously cutting-edge and of great value to customers.

In contrast, Giant’s sister brand, Liv arose out of discontent with the “shrink it and pink it” ideology that’s long plagued women’s cycling. Liv Bicycles are built from the ground up to work for the female body structure. Obviously women can ride bikes that were designed for men, but data studies from the global body dimension database have revealed inherent differences in women’s anatomies that create a less comfortable, less efficient riding experience. Combine that with a robust prototype testing process and consumer feedback, Liv is able to apply the latest design techniques to building bikes with optimal performance benefits to women.

Gals – For 2017, be sure to check out the all-new 160mm travel Liv Hail and 120mm travel Liv Pique, as well as the more affordable, entry-level 120mm travel Liv Embolden.

Guys – For 2017, take a look at the 160mm travel Giant Reign, 140mm travel Giant Trance, 100mm travel Giant Anthem and Giant’s entry level Talon Hardtail.

The Trance

The Giant Trance is a medium duty, do-it-all workhorse that climbs well while having enough muscle to handle tougher descents.


Shop the Giant Trance

The Reign

If gnarly descents are your “M-O” the Reign is for you. Built to deliver competent climbing ability with a freeride/downhill-like feel to smash even the toughest of trails.


Shop the Giant Reign

The Anthem

Jack be nimble, jack be quick is the Anthem for this bike. Lightning fast handling and incredible climbing ability makes you king of the single track.


Shop the Giant Anthem Advanced SX

The Hail

Climb with the rest of the gang but leave them in the dust on the way down with the Liv Hail’s aggressive geometry and plenty of travel that makes mince meat of gnarly trails.


Shop the Liv Hail 2

The Pique

A perfect all-’rounder for riders that wants to get rowdy on the down but still climb quickly and efficiently.


Shop the Liv Pique Advanced SX

The Embolden

Ideal for the light trail rider, the Embolden is easy to master and handles like it’s on rails.


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