Product Highlight: Strafe’s Scarlett Ski & Snowboard Bibs for Women
Product Highlight: Strafe’s Scarlett Ski & Snowboard Bibs for Women

Product Highlight: Strafe’s Scarlett Ski & Snowboard Bibs for Women

Strafe Outerwear has a reputation for making great ski and snowboard outerwear that “doesn’t compromise performance, quality, or style.” The small athlete-owned brand from Aspen, Colorado has now expanded its lineup to offer some of the most technical and progressively designed women’s outerwear on the market. Headlining the women’s lineup is the Scarlett Bib, and catalyzing this movement is designer Pia Halloran. Read on to hear more about these sweet bibs and Pia’s role in Strafe’s product development process.

This season’s Strafe women’s line is special for a few reasons. First, it’s the deepest and most comprehensive array of women’s products they’ve ever created, saying “We heard what the ladies were saying and responded accordingly. Three brand new jackets and two all-new pants give the women more options than ever. Second, this is the first year that designer and developer Pia Halloran’s designs are finally seeing shelves. She has been a part of the design team for just under two years now at Strafe but due to the length of the design process, this is the first season where her ideas from start to finish are available.”



With more time at Strafe under her belt, Pia was finally able to create the pant she’s been wanting to wear for “more than 20 years!” Our female customers will rejoice in Pia’s innovative vision. The Scarlett Bib is a “when nature calls” game changer for female backcountry and resort skiers and riders alike.

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We love bib ski & snowboard pants for many reasons, but for lady-shredders they can become burdensome when it comes time to pop a squat at the mountain. Top layers need to come off, which tend to fall on the bathroom floor or into cold, wet snow- gross and cold. To top this off, the pants themselves run the risk of also ending up on the ground or worse, receiving an unintended golden shower. Pia’s and Strafe have come up with a sleek, common-sense design to end this harrowing, but necessary experience.

Here’s how Pia explains the functionality of the Scarlet Bibs, which have a halter-style neck strap rather than overall-style suspenders:
“The halter is very functional and makes bathroom breaks super easy. You just hike up your jacket at the left side, unzip at the side and pull the back part of the bib down. Since there is no connection between the halter and the back panel it just works. The elastic halter and stretch back panel also makes this pant fit a lot of different body types which is nice.”

About Pia Halloran:

Pia started her education in her home country of Sweden studying clothing construction and pattern making. In the mid 2000’s, she came to Aspen and never left. She has held many professional positions around the valley but was never far from outerwear. Working as an outerwear buyer at a snowboard shop evolved into a senior buying position at Aspen Skiing Company. From there she was a merchandiser at Obermeyer working on design and development of layering pieces and accessories. Strafe was lucky enough to snag her away from Obermeyer in the fall of 2015 and any ladies who opt to wear the new Strafe women’s line this year will thank us for doing so!


Read the full interview with Strafe designer and developer Pia Halloran here on the Strafe blog.


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