Faction Skis & Candide Thovex Release the Limited Edition CT 5.0 Skis
Faction Skis & Candide Thovex Release the Limited Edition CT 5.0 Skis

Faction Skis & Candide Thovex Release the Limited Edition CT 5.0 Skis

Faction Skis and Candide Thovex, the most famous freeskier in the world, today announced the public release of their latest model of ski, the Limited Edition CT 5.0.

Based on the legendary first ski Faction and Candide developed together and staying true to the same winning recipe of a lightweight balsa/flax core, pivot-on-a-dime flat camber and floaty 122mm waist behind the original CT 4.0. This new model is rebooted with smoother rocker curves to polish up the ride and anti-chip micro-cap construction to add extra durability – a true classic, revamped for the modern day.

Every pair is equipped with a unique metal plate underfoot indicating its number out of 200. Available in select stores including evo, the CT 5.0 Ltd comes exclusively in the 183cm length that the legendary Frenchman himself uses.

This is Candide’s ski.

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Faction joined forces with Candide Thovex in 2012 after an introduction from mutual friends, and it quickly became clear that we had a lot in common. Like Candide, we have always strived to be ahead of the game, using the most innovative technology for those who demand the most from their equipment, just like Candide.

Five years on, the team behind Faction continues to be made up of a unique mix of skiers – American, Australian, Canadian, French, Swedish and beyond – from all different backgrounds. That’s why we call ourselves ‘The Faction Collective’ – we’re not afraid to be different. For us, working with Candide makes sense – he’s also diverse, he’s a maverick, and he’s not afraid to push the limits of skiing.




From being the only skier to achieve X Games Gold in all disciplines, to winning the Freeride World Tour, to his groundbreaking video projects such as Few Words and the 35+ million viewed One Of Those Days episodes, Candide is a true pioneer of freeskiing.
In his latest video project with Audi, ramping up over 45 million views, Candide applied his magic touch to another astounding audiovisual masterpiece, skiing the world’s most improbable surfaces and landforms on an off-the-shelf Faction Skis model.

What makes this project so earth shattering is that the entirety of the French skier’s performance is orchestrated and filmed without a snowflake in sight.




  • 152 / 122 / 140
  • 25m Radius
  • 1920g per Ski
  • 8/10 Flex
  • Rocker/Flat Camber/Rocker
  • Balsa/Flax woodcore

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