An Ode to the Oven Mitt & Our Other Favorite Flylow Pieces
An Ode to the Oven Mitt & Our Other Favorite Flylow Pieces

An Ode to the Oven Mitt & Our Other Favorite Flylow Pieces

We love goodies straight out of the oven- hot, fresh, and moist. Thanks to their SnoSeal coating, Flylow’s Oven Mitts will keep your hands hot and fresh, saving the moisture for things like the snackable kind of baked goods. Add in the simple workwear styling and we’re sold on these mitts. The Oven Mitt isn’t the only Flylow Product we love – this theme of simple, stylish, yet also technical is a theme that carries throughout the Flylow line. Follow along for some more of our top picks.

The Oven Mitt

Workwear is in, cold hands are out. Simple and affordable, the Oven Mitts take on the popular workwear influence while also keeping your hands dry. In other words, they look cool, and perform well, too. With each pair twice baked and covered in waterproofing wax, these leather mitts will stand up to tough conditions, no matter where you ride – from the Midwest ropetow to backcountry peaks worldwide. Bottom line – the Oven Mitt is one of our favorite ski and snowboard mittens.

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Billie Coat

From the awesome fit, to the sleek design, the Bille Coat is one of our favorite women’s ski and snowboard jackets around. We could rave about this ski jacket all day, but we think this customer review says it best, “Best shell I’ve ever owned. Warm, dry, simple, versatile. A little stiff out of the box but that’s a testament to how durable it is. Easily removable powder skirt and perfect pocket placement. Plenty of room under for layering but not too baggy on its own. 3 thumbs up for Flylow!” So, the Billie Coat has all of the technical features a skier or snowboarder could ask for, like 20k/20k waterproof and breathability ratings, wrapped into a great-fitting package. Not sure what those numbers mean check out our guide to waterproof and breathability ratings.

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Higgins Jacket


Do you like softshell jackets? We sure do, and if you answered no, you probably haven’t owned one. Softshells are the perfect utility jacket, the one you’ll find yourself grabbing from the rack to wear on and off the mountain. The Higgins Jacket is the quintessential softshell. The stretch softshell fabric makes the jacket nice and versatile, on and off the hill (you won’t be that loud guy or gal whose techy hardshell jacket can’t help but swoosh and crinkle). The Higgins jacket is a great piece for the backcountry, too. The no-frills design makes it nice and packable, so you can shed the layers for the hike up, then throw the Higgins on for some protection on the way down.

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