New 2019 Bikes From Santa Cruz & Juliana
New 2019 Bikes From Santa Cruz & Juliana

New 2019 Bikes From Santa Cruz & Juliana

Santa Cruz Bicycles has been at the cutting edge of mountain bike design for the last 20 plus years – from the heyday of the Blur to Syndicate riders dominating downhill World Cups on the V10, Santa Cruz bikes have swagger. Not only do their bikes feature pioneering geometry and suspension design, they also look the part thanks to a thoughtful, sought after aesthetic. Plus, they’re designed, hand-assembled and meticulously tested in Santa Cruz proper. A Santa Cruz bike is the whole package.
Stalwarts of the Santa Cruz lineup, the 5010 and Bronson (and the Furtado and Roubion on the Juliana front) have been go-to 27.5″ rides for mountain bikers the world over. Enter 5010, Bronson, Furtado and Roubion version 3.0. The all-mountain Bronson and Roubion now take on the lower-mounted VPP suspension design found in the Nomad, along with a re-designed one-piece swing arm. Meanwhile, the 5010 and Furtado boast an updated geometry that maintains the upper-link driven VPP shock configuration for a sharp and responsive ride. Plus, all these bikes are now available in both 27.5 and 27.5+ options, capable of running up to 2.8″ tires on the new Santa Cruz Reserve 37 rims. What does this all mean? It’s simple. Santa Cruz continues to ride their own line, redefining what trail or all-mountain bike looks like and bringing you the best possible bike for your local trails.


“The Bronson has always been our most capable all-around bike, but now gets monster-trucking abilities thanks to the lower-link mounted shock configuration. Its versatility makes it ideal for anyone looking to find the skeleton key of bikes, or road warriors tackling unfamiliar trails.” – Santa Cruz Bicycles

“A laser sharp, agile trail whip that turns on a dime and [the 5010] loves to pop and play.” – Santa Cruz Bicycles

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“You could call Roubion ‘all mountain’ or ‘enduro.’ We just call it ‘capable of anything.'” – Santa Cruz Bicycles

“The go-to model for all-around prowess, the Furtado proves that what goes up (well) can come down (equally well), too. Some people want a garage full of bikes for every occasion. Others want just one that’s good for any occasion. The Furtado is that bike — not to mention the most popular Juliana model.” – Santa Cruz Bicycles

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