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Setting Boundaries in the Backcountry


We cannot emphasize enough that all of this is for the unfortunate event that someone gets caught in an avalanche, but what you really want to do is to avoid that situation from occurring at all.

Boundaries in the Backcountry

The 4th Backcountry Essential: Avalanche Airbag Packs


It seems like everyone is talking about avalanche airbags, the newest piece of backcountry gear in the whole avalanche safety equation. Airbags first debuted as an out-of-reach pro- and guide-level backpack.


Education is Essential in the Backcountry. Find Out Where to get Schooled.


Okay, so you have run through the checklist. You have all of the backcountry necessities. Avalanche beacon, check. Shovel, check. Probe, check. Backpack to carry it all, check.


Get "Far Out" with Our New Backcountry Shop!


Getting “far out” is one thing, but if you literally want to get far out, then you…

Backcountry Essentials: Don't be caught without them


All those fresh tracks, untouched snow, and no crowds make the backcountry seem pretty inviting. The backcountry…