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Go Skateboarding Day 2016


Every year the 21st of June marks the summer solstice, longest period of daylight in the northern…

Go Skateboarding Day

Skate with Torey Pudwill and the Red Bull Skate Team at ATS!


Get stoked for Go Skateboarding Day and come skate with Torey Pudwill and the Red Bull team on Friday, June 20th. evo and All Together Skatepark.

All Together Skatepark

Go Skateboarding Day Is June 21!


In case you need an excuse to skateboard, this is it. June 21 (Friday) will mark the 10th Anniversary of Go Skateboarding Day! Whether or not you can attend one of the many events across the world, that does not matter. What matters is that your grab your crew and head outside to the nearest piece of cement and skate.


Go Skateboarding Day 2012 Recap


Go Skateboarding Day 2012 at Sea Sk8 Skatepark Recap Last Thursday was Go Skateboarding Day. Every year…

Win A Deck From Powell Peralta! evo's Giving Away a Deck A Day!


The Deck-A-Day Give-A-Way from Powell Peralta¬† Need a new deck? This is your chance. To celebrate Go…

Hardflip or Kickflip? Go Skateboarding Day 2012 is coming to Seattle.


Go Skateboarding Day 2012 Headed To Seattle! What are you doing Thursday June 21st from 2pm-5pm? Nothing!!?…

Go Skateboarding Day in Seattle!


If there is only one day a year you get on your skateboard it should be June…