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Seattle’s GiveBIG


The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG is a one-day, online charitable giving event to inspire┬ápeople to give generously to…

Retreat Closing Circle (avi loud 2013)

Getting Our Hands Dirty at Marra Farms


evo and the Service Board volunteer to give back at Marra Farm.


Volunteer With Us Tuesday at Marra Farms!


Come volunteer with evo and the Service Board at Marra Farms on Tuesday!

Marra Farm

Get Cleaned Up for Father’s Day!


Come in to evo on Wednesday, June 11th to get a haircut for Father’s Day. The proceeds will benefit the Service Board!

Rudy's and The Service Board

Retro Fools Day V at Stevens Pass


RETRO FOOLS DAY V AT STEVENS PASS ┬áBy Nick Meilleur, Seattle, WA: Bust out your neon one…

Retro Fools Day at Stevens Pass

The Service Board Pinewood Derby Fundraiser


The Piranha Shop is hosting a Pinewood Derby Race Fundraiser for The Service Board! There will be lots of prizes so don’t miss it!

Pinewood Derby Race Fundraiser for The Service Board!

Free Clif Bar with a $1 Donation to the Service Board


Grab a Clif Bar for just a $1 donation to the Service Board so you can satiate your apatite and feel good all over.

evo Seattle, Clif Bar

the Service Board’s Annual Soiree: Friday Nov. 15th


the Service Board’s Annual Soiree is being held to showcase the magic and fun that tSB participants discover while participating in their programs.

TSB Soiree