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Women’s Adventure Series: Wakesurfing


Hey ladies! There’s no better time than summer to fill your calendar to the brim with activities. For that…


New Wave Wakesurfing: Pro Tips & Board Styles Explained


Matt Anderson, Seattle, WA: Wakesurfing is wacky, goofy and a great way to have fun with family…

Wakesurf Board Styles

Review: 2015 Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurf Board


2015 LIQUID FORCE HAPPY PILL WAKESURF BOARD By Chris Cahill, Seattle, WA: Here at evo, a lighthearted…


2015 Ronix Sneak Peek


2015 RONIX SNEAK PEEK By Taylor Boyd, Seattle, WA: Not long ago, the snow industry was shaken up by the…

Shota Tezuka Ronix

2015 Liquid Force Wake Sneak Peek


2015 LIQUID FORCE WAKE SNEAK PEEK By Taylor Boyd, Seattle, WA: Liquid Force is celebrating their 20th anniversary…

2015 Liquid Force

Setting Up Your Boat For Wakesurfing With Todd Gaughan Part 2


Part 2: How to properly set up your boat for wakesurfing and how to do it safely. Jordan, our production information manager, snagged Todd Gaughan to do a two part interview going more in-depth about this topic. Part one is below. Enjoy.

Part-2- Setting Up You Boat for Wakesurfing

Setting Up Your Boat For Wakesurfing with Todd Gaughan – Part 1


Part 1: Here are the necessary steps for setting up your boat for wakesurfing. We interviewed Todd Gaughan, Business Development Officer at Inland Surfer and Designer and Marketing Director at Centurion Boats, to learn more.