Top evo Approved Snowboard Instagrams to Follow

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eric jackson

Top evo Approved Snowboard Instagram To Follow

Completely addicting and wonderfully visually stimulating, Instagram is our number one app and is probably yours too. We figure if you are going to be scrolling through your friends creative takes on their morning coffee and new shoes you wouldn’t mind seeing some outstanding photos of AK powder, heli trips and snowboarding shenanigans either.

Be sure to follow evo (@evogear) and all the following instagramers on your iPhone AND Android phone.

Here are our top snowboard related instagrams to follow:

Shayboarder (@Shayboarder)

Shay rides, writes, tests, interviews, edits, photographs, basically living and breathing snowboarding... she is awesome @Shayboarder


Eric Jackson (@ejackshreds)

LibTech, Nike and Frends rider Eric Jackson is one harry man, but he takes some beautiful instagrams. @ejackshreds


Team Vacation (@teamvacation)

Salomon and Bonfire's Team Vacation tours the world geeking out and wreaking havoc wherever they go... follow them @teamvacation


Kimmy Fasani (@kimmyfasani)

Kimmy Fasani finds pure happiness in snowboarding and we are lucky enough to watch... first ladies double backflip! @kimmyfasani


Rome Snowboards (@Romesnowboards)

Follow the Rome crew crosscountry for "AmAgeddon". They even made it to the NW: that's a Baker snowbank at lower left! @Romesnowboards


Think Thank (@think_thank)

Putting out hits like Left Brain Right Brain and their latest Cool Story takes some real creativity and a whole lot of crazy. Follow Think Thank @think_thank


Danny Davis (@travelindan)

Recently in an issue for PlayBoy, Danny Davis is Burton's signature comedian that lays down everywhere from superpipe to backcountry. @travelindan


Capita Snowboards (@capitasupercorp)

Yes, they are "Totally FK'N Awesome". Capita is rising up to take power, so follow them @capitasupercorp


Laura Hadar (@hadeslife)

Bold and definetly a ballsy rider, Laura Hadar is just fun to follow. Plus, she rides goofy! @hadeslife


Terje Haakonsen (@terje_haakonsen)

The man, the legend Terje has had six 1st-place wins at the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom and continues to progress snowboarding like he has done since day one. Follow him @terje_haakonsen


YoBeat (@yobeat)

Keeping things light since 1997, YoBeat makes us laugh while keeping things real. @yobeat

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